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Security cameras

Is there a functional difference between the dome and bullet security cameras? Or do they just look different? I don't know which one to choose.

What is 30 fps?

I live in a cold climate. What temperature do these cameras operate at?

How is the night vision? Clear or grainy? Is the night vision in color?

Do the AHD security cameras capture audio and if so, is the audio recorded?Do the cameras record sound?

Can I mount the "Bullet" camera on the ceiling or it has to be on the wall?

Do the AHD cameras need to be plugged into an outlet, or do they run off battery power?


I have lost my password to login. How do I reset?

Will the HD write over the oldest file when full?Does it record in a loop?

What wireless mouse or trackball will work with this DVR system?

Can I record in lower number of frames or resolutions?

Is a computer required?

How many cameras can you connect to the 8 channel unit?

Does this system have audio? if yes, how many of them?

Is the DVR able to record from older 960h cameras as well so I can upgrade the cameras over time?

CMS and Web Client

Is the video stored online or just recorded on the receiver?

Mobile App

Can i use my regular data on my phone or do i need wifi to use APP?

Can i watch the camera anywhere in the internet? i want to install at my bar so i can watch.


What is the voltage on the DVR and the cameras? Do they both have 100-240 voltage?

For pc client viewing, which browsers are supported (ie, firefox, chrome, ...)?

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