We often have plans to travel and go out for a short time in our daily life.Not only travel outside, but also not at home for a short time,each one  has the concerns Of course,we need to secure our home when you are away.Could we have some good ways to protect our home and property? Yes,we have.

The following nine ways will be helpful to protect your home,and prevent burglary.


1.Put shoes at the door,drying some quilt on the balcony, clothing,and other daily necessities outside.After seeing those,thieves maybe not to burglary.


2.Do not put a lot of cash at home,and your valuables can be placed at safe place.


3.Choose a good door that is not easy to break in.When you go out on vacation,make sure that  your doors and windows are closed in time.And choose a good thicker glass which made of high quality material to avoid breaking the window.High-quality doors and windows will helo you a lot. High-quality anti-theft doors and windows, will spend  the theft a lot of time and efforts to enter the room.

4.Install a monitoring security system.The security monitoring system set motion detection at the  key property areas for all-round monitoring.Installed APP on the phone for a remote control and surveillance. When the the burglary open the door or arrive at the monitoring area,the alarm will be push to  your App.The security system will send alarms when the motion dectetion was triggered,it will scare away burglary.And some PIR security camera system will be more helpful too.   5.Install some sensor lights outside and on the balcony,when there are thieves go into the sensor lamp area,the light sensor will turned on,that will be a shock to burglary.The relevant statistics show that there will be a low probability of being stolen if you install som sensor lights.

6.Do not announce your holiday time and schedule.  

7.Hang and decorate some wind chime near the window,it can decorate your room and it can play the role of anti-theft,once the thief try to break into the window,it will inevitably encounter wind chimes, the wind chime bells will have a burst of chaos,and the thieves will be retreated by it.  

8.Tell a good neighbor and friends when you go outside.They can go to your home and keep your home.If something happens, promptly notify and help will be made by them.Your home will be more safe.   

9.Some security companies provide security service,you can order it.

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