Some buyer asked NYXCAM technology questions how to choose a good BNC cable, video and power 2 in 1 cable, cat 5 ethernet cable, cat 6 ethernet cable in many times.

     In order to solve those problem,Nyxcam support team make a conclusions here for the buyers.

     About BNC cable, video and power 2 in 1 cable for security cameras system. You'd better choose anti-interference brass cable.

    Brass cable and anti-interference brass shield layer are much better than steel and aluminun.

    They can absorb and reflect the electromagnetic wave effectively. And they can resist outside electromagnetic wave come in, prevent inner electromagnetic wave go out to effect other devices. 

    Sometimes you see some stripes in live video, most of the video stripes was caused by electromagnetic wave.

    Cat 5 ethernet, cat 6 ethernet, the core material is brass. UTP(unshilded twisted pair) is enough, STP(shielded twisted pair) is expensive to install.

    The length of cat 5 ethernet  and cat 6 ethernet should not more than 100 meters, if the length is more than 100 meters, you have to use HUB to connect them. RJ45 part should be good connection.

    Most of security camera system have those accessory, like video and power 2 in 1 cable, cat 5 ethernet ,or cat 6 ethernet.

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