What is the difference between dome and bullet security cameras? You need to know the definitions of these cameras at first if you want to figure out this problem.

  • 1. Dome Camera

    Dome Camera is shaped like a dome, and the cameras do sit in a dome-shaped housing. A darker dome camera hides the lens make it difficult to tell the direction that these cameras are facing, when someone can’t tell which way the camera is pointing, they often assume it is pointing in all directions and thus are ideal for deterring criminals. Dome Cameras are very ease to be installed and generally be used for indoor applications due to their form factor. Ceiling mounted rotating dome cameras provide a 360 degree view of an area. At the other extreme, the fixed lens which the view field angle cannot be changed is permanently set, it can gives you the ability to focus permanently on a very specific area, ideal for the highest quality video image of the places that matter most.


 Nyxcam  dome CCTV Ahd security cameras



  • Bullet Camera


    Bullet Cameras are long and cylindrical in shape. Bullet Cameras are the second most popular next to Domes. The camera is mainly suitable for indoor but it can also be used outdoors. These Security Cameras allow for more significant IR illumination due to their form factor. They are easy to mount just about anywhere. Outdoor cameras offer more durable and weather-resistant enclosures, with components designed to capture wider exterior views and accommodate the full range of outdoor lighting conditions. Many bullet cameras can also be waterproof by being installed inside protective casings, which protect against dust, dirt, rain, hail and other harmful elements. 

NYXCAM 1080P Bullet Security Camera,



    As you can see, there's no functional difference, at least not inherent to the design differences. The biggest difference between a dome and a bullet camera is the appearance. With bullet cameras the angle can be easily changed for example by someone accidentally hitting it with a ladder. Also someone could intentionally change the angle if they don't want to be video recorded. The domes prevent (or at least make more difficult) this type of angle-changing. If the camera is relatively low domes may be better. If they are high up bullets may be sufficient.

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