Do you feel anxious after left your home? Are your pets enjoying foods or playing?And your babies are playing happily now? Lots of people worry about the home safety, babies, pets after leave home. The following we will take a good look at the top 10 reasons to install a home security system or upgrade your old home alarm system.



1.Secure your home and family from burglars


    A reason why a home owner should consider installing a home security system is that the security system can provide them safety from outside intruders. One Forbes research home without a security system is 3 times more likely to be targeted by burglars. A security system often protects family with alarms and warning against a burglar. Most of security system has a pushing technology to your mobile phone, push email or notifications, and we called them smart home.




2.Protect your home and family from fires


    A security system can integrate heat detectors and smoke alarms to warn. It offers early warning before the fire. Fires is very dangerous, a small flame will turn into a full fire in twenty seconds.

    So it is very important to know before a breaking-out fire. Saving time to get out from a dangerous house, a security system will help you a lot.



 3.Protect your family from a fatal carbon monoxide poisoning.


    Over 1,000,000 homes in the US experience high levels of carbon monoxide every year

    Most of American family has a carbon monoxide detector in kitchen for life safety. Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas, which we can caused poison and fire problems. Carbon monoxide cannot easily to detect, so family should recur to a carbon monoxide detector. A smart home security system like nest has smoke and CO alarm technology.



4.Protect your elderly family


    Sometimes your elderly family stays at home lonely, the elderly can press the help button of a security system in many dangerous situations. And your mobile phone will push a message to you. A security system not only can secure your home but also provide safety assistance to help your elderly family.



 5.Protect your pets


    When you are working, your pets stay and play at home lonely. If you have a security system, it will record the pets' life, and you can know pet’s behavior, and you can talk to them. You can arrange a lot of sports and foods for their daily life. According to some analyzed statics, you can take care of your pets easily according to the recorded footage of video.



 6.Protect your valuables at home


    When burglars come into your home, most of them focus on your valuables. A security system will help deter them. You can set motion detection to some important areas, when burglars enter this areas will trigger. The security system will send an alarm, and push message to your mobile phone if you are working or on vacation. Of course, the recorded video files will increase the chance to catch them. A PIR security system can accurately record and alarm a burglar too.



 7.Professional security companies provide surveillance service at your home


    Professional security companies provide monitoring service; they install a home security system at your home. They are able to respond to fire alarm, carbon monoxide leak, bulgur break-in alarm when you are on vacation or outside.



 8.Lively view and control your home device remotely


    Security system companies will provide CMS computer software and security APP for use. Homeowners can view via their computers and smartphone.

    This security system can be armed or disarmed by homeowners. A smart home system can save a lot of money to control your air condition automatically. Turning on your home light to give an illusion that someone is at home through a smart home security.


9.Be much convenient


    Some security system and smart wireless IP cameras have two ways audio talk, live view function.

    The security cameras allow for users to see who is at the front door without going close to it. Talk to your family, pets is becoming much convenient if you have a security system.


10.Save money on home cost

    A smart security system can reduce to the energy consumption on lighting, thermostat, small home appliance by automatically and smart control. It can cut the insurance cost too.



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