1.Ensure where you want to install



    You need to consider where you are wanted to watch the most and if it’s even possible to install a camera.

     Monitoring every inch of your house is expensive and inefficient, so it is necessary to make a diagram to ensure you cover the most important areas with your cameras.

    A few areas you might want to watch:

    Front Door

    Back Door

    Off-Street Windows



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              2.Ensure the types of security camera you want to install 


                  Security cameras are one of the most popular security devices which help you protect your home or business.

                  But there are more and more types of cameras today, which is best for your intended business security application?

                  There are about 5 types of cameras :

                  Dome Camera

                  Bullet Camera

                  Wireless Camera

                  The pan tilt zoom camera

                  The security cameras system


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                3.Ensure how much of different security cameras?



                    There are several different options for cameras today in addition their features and the way that they’re installed:


                Camera Features Cost
                Dummy Fake camera $10-$15
                Box Stand-alone camera with a box shape $20-$100
                Outdoor Weather resistant camera $50-$200
                Dome Meant for mounting on the ceiling $80-$100
                Bullet Small footprint camera $100
                Hidden Meant to look like something else, such as a smoke detector or pinhole in the wall $100-$150
                C-Mount Most standard type of camera  $150-$200
                License Plate Capture Can snap a picture of a car’s license plate from near a doorway or driveway $300-$600



                4.What features to look for in dome security camera?

                    There are certain features that you must look for in a security camera. It is purchased with the intention to endure safety and security. So, here is what you need to check before investing in a security camera.

                    Resolution – It is one of the most important aspects to check for because the picture clarity depends on the resolution. The HD attribute of a security camera is also important as it gives enhanced features and better image quality. The higher is the resolution, better is the image quality and clarity.

                    Lighting Conditions – The security camera must be suitable for use in all sorts of lightings. Make sure you test the cameras for its ability to give better picture even in low light. The night vision of the camera must be advanced so that it is able to capture even when it is dark. The best is automatic adjustment performed by the camera depending on the light conditions.  The camera must be suitable for use during high and low light both.

                    Construction material – It is better to purchase security camera with the heavy-duty metal casing so that it is protected from the wrath of adverse weather conditions. An IP66 waterproof is important so that it is resistant to rain. The more weatherproof certification it has, the more is its efficiency against unfavorable weather condition.

                    Wide angle range – It is always better to purchase a security camera that has wide angle frame and is able to focus more on all surroundings. Having higher surveillance power means better security. The wider angle it has, the more area it is able to cover under its surveillance zone. It helps in providing the benefit of more security.

                    Outdoor and Indoor – This is what makes the security camera more versatile. It must be designed in a way that it can be installed both inside and outside. It gives you the flexibility to install it anywhere as per your choice. Also, anti-noise filter must be installed in security cameras for better clarity in recorded voice.



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